EngPods offre video gratis per imparare e migliorare l'inglese. Migliora l'inglese ascoltando Podcast e Video divertenti. EngPods offers free videos and podcasts for improving your English. Italian and English video lessons. EngPods is a project that offers a series of short videos and podcasts mostly tailored to Italian speakers who wish to improve their level of English.
Today I’d like to dedicate a little time to giving you some advice on how to best take advantage of our videos. There are many possible ..

About Us

I have been living in Italy for quite a few years and I find that not as many Italians can speak English as those from other European countries. I LOVE Italy! To me it’s the most beautiful country in the world. I would like to see more people able to speak English better. It is becoming ever more important to learn it.

I know so many Italians who have studied “scholastic” English but aren’t able to speak, or they don’t recognize idiomatic expressions, etc.
This is what prompted me to create EngPods.

EngPods is a free website tailored specifically to Italians, but it is also suitable for anyone who wants to improve their English. It’s also ideal for English speakers who would like to improve their Italian.
  • Videos will be of various levels (beginner/ intermediate/ advanced)
  • These are NOT lessons per se (although every experience in life is a potential lesson)
  • Videos will also be posted on sites such as YouTube
  • Videos and Mp3s will be downloadable as podcasts
  • My goal is to publish 2 to 3 videos per week
  • Each video will address different topics and will use typical, everyday expressions, constructions, and vocabulary, etc.

Video list

“Congratulations to Michael and Lino! Wonderful job on the website!”

- Lynn

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